Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Fans, Here Is Our Debut Album. XO, LeATHERMOUTH

On Tuesday, January 27th I went down to Fords, New Jersey to attend the LeATHERMOUTH record release show. Waiting outside in the freezing cold, fans stood in front of the back door of Vintage Vinyl, the independent record store that was the hardcore punk band's venue for the night. Diehard LeATHERMOUTH fans, such as members of Skeleton Crew, a record label, book publisher and clothing design company that supports punk bands that include NEW TOMORROW and LeATHERMOUTH, and squealing teenage girls, who spent the night fawning over lead singer of LeATHERMOUTH and rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero, came to support the debut of the band's new album, XO

There is a bit of a rivalry between these two cliques. All I am going to say is that it is a battle between self-proclaimed, "true" LeATHERMOUTH fans who say they heard of the band before My Chemical Romance mentioned it and pudgy teenage girls who cake on eyeliner, wear strictly Hot Topic apparel and apparently only like LeATHERMOUTH because Frank is in it and because he is in MCR. If you like this kind of drama, check out some of the, what I imagine must sometimes be, pretentious ideology that can be found in the Skeleton Crew forum. Or google 'LeATHERMOUTH+Myspace+My Chemical Romance+Emo+Teenage+Girl'. Believe me, you'll find some funny shit

Anyway, it was a pretty good gig. Frank Iero thanked the fans for coming out and then began the show by proclaiming, "The first song we're gonna play is called "5th Period Massacre" and it goes out to all the ladies." Obviously, this got the ladies squealing. He screamed another five songs (Few in the crowd screamed with him because there is nothing remotely decipherable about any of the lyrics)  and finally signed XO albums and t shirts after the show. The signing session was pretty exciting considering I haven't met or talked to many famous musicians. Once, I realized I was buying a Ra Ra Riot t shirt from Rebecca Zeller, the violinist for Ra Ra, after her band opened for Vampire Weekend last December. That is about the largest amount of interaction I have had with the rich and famous. My conversation with Frank ("That was a great show!" "Thank you, thanks for coming.") barely increased that amount.

Photos below taken by my wonderful friend, Frannie:

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  1. Oh, you're Zoe, Frannie's friend! Nice to meet ya, I'm Nathy from S//C.
    I personally believe that 'some' kids are into L//M now because of Frank and a few (you know, I'd say less than 10 of the WHOLE amount) will get Leathermouth's purpose, one day. I mean, it's not possible that all of them are into it just because of the vocalist (I'm on my optimistic day) or MCR. Well... I hope that one day they realize how stupid they were if they're not into the band, just for the said person.
    I won't deny that I'm fan of both bands, but I clearly separe things and musically speaking, Leathermouth is closer to the sound I grew up listening, so...