Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's Blitz! leaked earlier this week and it was not long before Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans obtained the coveted collection of synth-pounding songs. Yesterday, I was torn between patiently waiting until April 14th to listen to the record and downloading the album instantly. I chose the latter method of acquiring Yeahs new release. 

Although I have listened to and evaluated It's Blitz!, I am not going to review it just yet. 

I do not have any moral issues with the leak of It's Blitz!, but I do believe that Yeah Yeah Yeahs new release is controversial enough. Avid fans are either attacking YYYs new sound, announcing that the band has fallen into the mainstream, or drooling over the mere thought of the third release, already collecting It's Blitz! memorabilia. I also do not want my personal opinion to repel more people, who would normally enjoy the album, from listening to it, and vice versa. When all is said and done, I would prefer to review It's Blitz! when it is available to everyone. 

For those who have chosen to wait for the official release of It's Blitz! on April 14th you are in for a treat. iTunes is including a deluxe edition of the album with acoustic versions of "Soft Shock", "Skeletons", "Hysteric" and "Runaway." Also, an exclusive track called "Faces" is included, and a bonus track entitled "Clap Song" is available when one pre-orders the album. Although, I already downloaded It's Blitz!, I would definitely enjoy having some extra tracks and would like to support a band I love. 

Check back in April for an in-depth review of It's Blitz!

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