Thursday, February 12, 2009


WAVVES not-quite-self-titled debut album, WAVVVES is not available in stores until March 17th. Unsurprisingly, iTunes, being the music mogul it is, managed to obtain the distorted, pop drenched music of Nathan William and the album is now on sale at the iTunes store. Buy WAVVVES as soon as possible. It will not disappoint.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs unveiled the release date, cover art and tracklist for It's Blitz! (Now with an exclamation point) this week, and discussed the sound and style of the anticipated album with Spin and Rolling Stone. The art-punk trio announced that It's Blitz! is arriving on April 14th and, for those who can't wait another second to hear YYYs new sound, the album's first single, entitled "Zero" will debut on February 24th....I think Yeah Yeah Yeahs themselves present the news much better than I do:

Blossoms blooming? Bees getting nasty with birds? Temperature getting higher and higher and YYYs dropping our big fat album in your laps?? THAT IS CORRECT our new record IT'S BLITZ! Hits the shelves on APRIL 14th US APRIL 13th UK!! But on it's way first is ZERO the new yeah era track release on APRIL 6th!! Oh lord there's no stopping us now!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV YYYs

Cover art (It's Blitz! first, "Zero" second) and tracklist are below.

1. Zero (4:25)
2. Heads Will Roll (3:41)
3. Soft Shock (3:53)
4. Skeletons (5:02)
5. Dull Life (4:08)
6. Shame and Fortune (3:31)
7. Runaway (5:13)
8. Dragon Queen (4:02)
9. Hysteric (3:50)
10. Little Shadow (3:57)
Badass cover art, along with a discography of tracks with titles that suggest stunning sound, gives the impression that It's Blitz! may be more than worth the wait. It's a completely different sound for Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a style that lead singer, Karen O exclaims is about "Less angst and more positivity, man!" Also, the album has a few guests in the studio, including members of TV on the Radio, who will make contributions and help produce the album. This only increases my enthusiasm, but I find some information about the new record to be disconcerting. 

My apprehension has been steadily growing ever since I discovered that Nick Zinner, the guitarist for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is trading his Fender Stratocaster for vintage synths. According to the band, It's Blitz! is inspired by '70s disco, Joy Division and Karen O's love of dancing so I can understand and accept the addition of synthesizers, but at what cost? I am worried that a severe lack of Zinner's powerful guitar playing will understate It's Blitz! I believe that Karen O and Co. will create a fun album that no one can resist dancing to though. No one can judge until It's Blitz! arrives on April 14th, so until then fans will have to wait for the onslaught of brand new Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound.

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