Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Glamour! Glitz! It's Blitz!

I have given up on trying to write a structured, long-winded review of Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest release, It's Blitz! I managed to find a few choice words that I can use to describe Karen O and Co.'s third album, but nothing with which to write an extensive evaluation. Blitz! is simply an album that makes you want to jump up and dance, whether or not you are listening to one of the mesmerizing ballads or a disco-inspired track. 

Backed by pulsing synthesizers and vigorous drumming, Karen O's vocals transform throughout the album and it sounds incredible. Her tender cooing that echoes throughout sentimental songs such as "Hysteric" drastically changes to a saucy staccato in "Dull Life" and changes once more when she cries out, "Off with your head Dance till you're dead" over a few rumbling guitar chords (Turns out there is still some guitar scattered throughout the album) on the track "Heads Will Roll." 

It is the simple, relaxed melodies akin to Joy Division that It's Blitz! contains that are the most surprising and captivating aspects of the album though. Karen O sings sweetly on every track, as opposed to the guttural noises and shrieks she released during the Fever to Tell days, except for when she was crooning on the epic ballad "Maps" off of that album. Also, guitarist-turned-keyboardist, Nick Zinner, rarely lets his guitar roar on Blitz! songs and I surmise that drummer Brian Chase will not be seen wildly whacking his drum set when these songs are performed live. 

With a sound that is similar to the Pixies playing with synths, Yeah Yeah Yeahs's It's Blitz! is a chilled-out after-party of a third album. That does not mean the fun is over though. YYYs are still calling you to the dance floor. No, not only to gyrate to blistering tracks such as "Heads Will Roll," "Zero" and "Dull Life," but to lock lips with a partner while twirling to the glittery ballads, "Hysteric," "Little Shadow" and "Skeletons." They know how to throw a party.

And if you think you can't dance?
Don't worry, Karen O is here to show you some moves.


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