Monday, April 20, 2009


Since I am a slave to social networking you can now follow BONA FIDE on Twitter. There will be many updates concerning BONA FIDE WITH HEADPHONES and you can now read the profound thoughts of yours truly. Well, they are not always profound but they will surely entertain.

Happy 4/20 everybody! Although I am not taking part in the festivities, I respect any day that revels in good times with friends and I am celebrating my own way with some dope tracks and stoner classics. Join me and "Hold It Now, Hit It" with Beastie Boys, get high like planes alongside M.I.A. and let Hendrix surround you in a "Purple Haze." I also recommend grabbing your favorite munchies and watching GrassPineapple Express, Dazed and ConfusedHalf Baked or Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke. Or some of this trippy goodness. No matter what you decide to do during this counterculture holiday, today is the day to turn on, tune in and drop out. 

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