Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cold War Kids Heat Up Terminal 5

There was a click, and suddenly a studio light placed in the far corner of the stage switched on, momentarily blinding the crowd. The golden glow poorly lit the venue, but revealed four silhouettes walking toward the simple set-up of instruments scattered about. The crowd, once humming with the dull murmur of conversation, erupted into yells and cheers. Then one of the figures stepped toward the microphone. Lead singer Nathan Willett grabbed the mike and began to sing, signaling the beginning of the Cold War Kids show.

On April 3rd, California quartet Cold War Kids took over Terminal 5. Entertaining the throng of young adults with songs from both Robbers & Cowards, the band’s debut album preferred by the audience, and their sophomore album, Loyalty to Loyalty, Cold War Kids’s bluesy rock music kept the crowd in high spirits. After a performance from the energetic opening band, Amazing Baby, Cold War Kids took the stage and remained silhouettes in front of multiple stage lights, while they changed the atmosphere from restlessness to excitement. The combination of Willett’s unique crooning voice, drummer Matt Aveiro's solid percussion and the occasional tinkling, or battering, of piano keys had every person in the crowd singing along to every song, even if they did not know the words. People swayed and nodded their heads to the throbbing beat of songs such as “I’ve Seen Enough” and “Hospital Beds” and danced and sang even louder to the upbeat tracks, with somber lyrics, “Hang Me Up To Dry” and “Something Is Not Right With Me.”

Catchy choruses were not the only things that made Cold War Kids at Terminal 5 a great show to attend. The union of what seemed to be all of the voices in the crowd made the experience even more enjoyable. The crowd slowly became louder and louder as the night went on, with everyone’s voices forming a musical harmony that overpowered Cold War Kids themselves at least once.

The night ended quietly. There was an encore but it was not extravagant and the last song did not inspire more dancing. The band simply thanked the crowd and exited the stage, leaving their fans content with Cold War Kids’s music stuck in their heads.

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