Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There Is No Better Title For This Album

As a girl who only listens to The Eminem Show and Encore, it is obvious I was never an enthusiastic Eminem fan. I have not avidly followed the prominent white rapper throughout his music career but I have listened to enough of his music to confidently say that his latest album, Relapse, is the musical relapse and downfall of Marshall Mathers. I can't say I'm surprised and I can't say I'm disappointed, but the Eminem I enjoy can do much better than this. 

I am bold enough to say that every track on the album seems uncoordinated. Eminem raps slowly and awkwardly about the same topics we have been listening to for years, such as his mom, drugs, the media, celebrities, and more. The beats and sound effects that thump behind his words are generic and boring as well. Overall, the music just falls flat. This album was supposedly his comeback after years of fighting his drug addiction, but while he has recovered his music has suffered. Just listen to the obnoxious chorus of the hit single, "We Made You" and the irritating, drawling rap on "Must Be the Ganja." You will see what I mean.

Yet maybe I am being a little harsh. He is better than Asher Roth... But then again, that's a given.


  1. you listen to Encore but think THIS will be his downfall? scoff

  2. agreed. eminem is just an old guy trying to be cool again. he's got the same-ass videos he had those many years ago and it's tiresome.

    i think though he needs to go back more to something along the lines of the slim shady lp with grown-up lyrics.