Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UPDATE - The Dead Weather//Regina Spektor//YYYs

Jack White's supergroup, The Dead Weather have released another track from their upcoming album, Horehound. On "Treat Me Like Your Mother", Alison Mosshart and White spit brash lyrics and get a little more wild, but this is nothing new. The music of White's bands possess a striking, grooving style, and it is always fantastic, except the sound of each band is similar. Consistently good, but dispiritingly similar. For example, if you omit Mosshart's voice from The Dead Weather, you will basically be hearing The White Stripes. That is just a generalization though. Listen to the track here, or download it and be the judge.

The music video for the new Regina Spektor single, "Laughing With" debuted today. It is not on the web yet, so pick it up on iTunes and pre-order Far while you're at it.

Regina performed a simpler version of the single "Blue Lips" on Jools Holland last week. Backed by a string quartet, she soulfully sang while her fingers dashed across piano keys. I have been watching this video of the performance constantly for the past few days and it has blown my mind.

In their latest music video, Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform their second single, "Heads Will Roll" for an apathetic audience and an uninvited guest. Craving human flesh and YYYs synth-pop single, a wolfman crashes the party and proceeds to dance like Michael Jackson until he decides to go on a bloodthirsty rampage. At least he is dressed for the occasion. It is a party after all. Watch it here.

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