Sunday, June 14, 2009

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While I'm scouring the internet for new musicians and music news to share with you, I sometimes find some interesting sites. That being said, I've decided to list a few of these music-related websites that I have found below. Some combine music with art, while others feature the timeless union of music and dancing. Two of these sites even function using the music you play. Enjoy!

What began as a collection of video postcards, soon erupted into an international phenomenon. Well, maybe David Fishel's dance blog isn't a huge sensation, but it is definitely widespread. The globe-trotting Fishel, an editor for CollegeHumor, has been dancing in the streets of famous cities around the world since 2007. He brings music and dance, two of my favorite things, to the general public, who either join in the dance or stare at his improvised moves. I'd also like to mention that his music taste is excellent, and sometime coincides with the area where he is dancing. He shuffles alongside the Berlin Wall while listening to Cold War Kids, struts to "Immigrant Song" at Plymouth Rock, hops around to The Fratellis' song, "Chelsea Dagger" in Glasgow, and dances to other great songs in many other foreign locations. All in all, I want this man's life. 

There isn't much to say about this website. Just turn up the volume on your computer as high as it can go, go to this website, invite some friends over, and soon a dance party will commence. The buzzing techno beats and thudding bass are perfect for parties, so now you don't have to make playlists anymore.

This imaginative website uses your cursor as a paintbrush that you can zigzag across the screen to create interesting shapes and patterns. The riveting music speeds up and slows down the speed at which you draw, and the inky images that burst onto the screen are designed beautifully. Labuat is an example of art and music combining perfectly.

Blast some music to bring these applications to life. 
You'll see what I mean.

I love this blog for many reasons:

1. I discover many unique electro, hip-hop, and rap artists.
2. I get great information about each artist.
3. I get loads of tracks for free.

Key word being free here. Check it out.

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