Monday, July 6, 2009

UPDATE - Arctic Monkeys//The Dead Weather

New music and videos from Arctic Monkeys and The Dead Weather today. The sad thing is, I didn't enjoy them as much as I hoped to. The Dead Weather's new music contains nonsensical lyrics (You know I look like a woman but I... Cut like a buffalo) and the music is starting to sound stale. I imagined that Jack White had another fantastic band up his sleeves, but the bluesy, stomping sound of The Dead Weather.... sounds like the bluesy, stomping sound of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs in many instances. I guess they all can't be winners. Watch "I Cut Like A Buffalo" below and find the video for "Will There Be Enough Water?" here.


Now, Arctic Monkeys surprised me. The dark and stormy track, "Crying Lightening," is the first song to be released from Humbug and it's extremely different. It lacks the catchiness of past Arctic Monkeys tracks, but "Crying Lightening" is definitely heavy and powerful. Hopefully this new sound will work for the rest of the songs off of Humbug and will keep us all entertained when the album drops and we can hear the rest. For now I am pretty impartial, but you can be the judge once you listen to the new single. While you wait for tomorrow's official release of "Crying Lightening," you can hear the track below.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tuesday Night Lacked Explosions

You know how I said that was going to the Explosions In The Sky concert in Central Park? Well, that didn't happen. Education intervened and I was required to attend the "Russian Fest" performance of Philharmonic Summer Classics that night instead. I took an "NY Music Scene" course this past week at Barnard College's PCP, or Pre-College Program (Don't ask me why that was the abbreviation chosen for the program. When people ask me, "What did you do this summer?" I guess I have to say, "I did PCP for a week.") that entailed me to write three concert reviews and attend the Philharmonic and then Minton's Playhouse to see Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Quartet perform at the infamous jazz club in Harlem. Of course these requirements were entertaining and I plan to post my reviews later this week, but I am still disappointed that I missed Explosions. That being said, I googled the show this morning and found a review of the show along with the setlist and MP3s of the songs performed. So click here to download the songs and learn more about Explosions 10th anniversary gig.

UPDATE - Arctic Monkeys//Bombay Bicycle Club

The cover art for Arctic Monkeys' impending album, Humbug has been released and can be seen above. Looking pretty grungy aren't they? I guess with the apparent Black Sabbath influence in their music this time around, the faded photograph look of the cover is just right. We'll find out on August 25th when Humbug is released.

Finally, after following the band's progress for a little over a year, I can get my hands on Bombay Bicycle Club's debut album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose. You should get a copy too. It is being released this Monday, and if you really can't wait two days you should purchase the single, "Dust On the Ground" and watch the sun-soaked music video here. NME describes I Had the Blues as "lilting, majestic stuff that worms its way into your head and refuses to leave" so get excited for this talented British band's debut and look for a BONA FIDE review of the album after its release.