Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tuesday Night Lacked Explosions

You know how I said that was going to the Explosions In The Sky concert in Central Park? Well, that didn't happen. Education intervened and I was required to attend the "Russian Fest" performance of Philharmonic Summer Classics that night instead. I took an "NY Music Scene" course this past week at Barnard College's PCP, or Pre-College Program (Don't ask me why that was the abbreviation chosen for the program. When people ask me, "What did you do this summer?" I guess I have to say, "I did PCP for a week.") that entailed me to write three concert reviews and attend the Philharmonic and then Minton's Playhouse to see Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Quartet perform at the infamous jazz club in Harlem. Of course these requirements were entertaining and I plan to post my reviews later this week, but I am still disappointed that I missed Explosions. That being said, I googled the show this morning and found a review of the show along with the setlist and MP3s of the songs performed. So click here to download the songs and learn more about Explosions 10th anniversary gig.

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